Meeting Charlie’s New Angels For The First Time

It’s not every day I get to brag that I met angels. But this time, let me boast a little, if I may. Because, and I’m smiling as I type it down, I just met Charlie’s newest angels and they’re banging! How these girls can act so cool while looking so hot, I’ll never know!

It was one of those rare occasions that Hollywood celebrities would travel to my side of the country, the East coast. Namely, New York City. Well, okay, maybe not that rare. Anyways, the trio undertaking the roles of Charlie’s Angels: Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska, were here to promote the movie via their press junket. I was lucky enough to have been in the audience at one of their stops. Bringing along my best friend with me, we sought to get their autographs on our movie posters. Little did we know we’d get a whole lot more than we expected!

For one thing, I knew Kristen Stewart is hot, but damn, I didn’t know she had that much sex appeal. I’m already a straight guy but I wished I was a lesbian just so I can get it on with her. She’s no longer that annoying, ‘pretending-to-be-emo’ chick she used to be during her “Twilight” days. Now, she’s a complete smoke-show and I’m all here for it.

As are the other two! I found Naomi Scott to be just precious. And I gotta say, transitioning from Disney Princess to spy badass is quite a feat. In my opinion, she pulled it off flawlessly! As for Ella Balinska, I thank whoever cast this mocha-skinned goddess that I know of her. Hot is not enough to describe this woman’s sexiness. Goddamn!!

My team from LA got the rest of the cast’s autographs when they had their red carpet premiere there. But thank God I got the angels’ all to myself (well, with my best friend) that day. What a day that was!

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