I Wonder How Many James McAvoy’s I Met…

I kid! But still, James McAvoy is seriously an underrated actor. He was simply masterful in "Glass," especially the way he transitioned from one personality to another. First of all, kudos to M. Night Shyamalan to have created such a compelling story about this sort of mental illness. And I, for one, was thrilled at every second of it. I don't care what these bogus critics have to say about the movie!

But back to James McAvoy, I actually met him when he went on as a guest at a late-night talk show here in Hollywood. I expected him to be as handsome, but I didn't know he was that tall. Or maybe I was short? Or, maybe I was just too used to seeing him on a wheelchair as Professor X in the new X-men movies. Either way, he was taller than I thought, which made me even more attracted to him than ever before. What can I say? I like my men tall and great at acting, so he ticks all the boxes!

I went to the show with my friend, who's also a devoted McAvoy fan, and hid our movie posters in her big bag. When the taping was though, we practically sprinted to get to the stage door first. Luckily, we did! Though I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to that old woman I bumped into. Sorry about that!

Anyways, for all your McAvoy fangirls out there, I'm happy to report that he is as hot in real life. And he smelled gooooodd!!! Like, so good! As he signed our posters, I couldn't help but whiff up whatever hundred-dollar cologne he sprayed himself with that day.

Though it was great seeing the rest of the cast at the premiere (... yep, I went there too! An autograph hound's work is never done!), especially screen legends Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, meeting James McAvoy and meeting him face-to-face still takes the cake to me! What a great day that was!

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Poster Memorabilia

Poster Memorabilia

Since 2004, we have been providing our customers with certified authentic Movie, TV and Music Posters.

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