An Inspiring Red Carpet Premiere for an Inspiring Movie

In a way, all movies are inspirational. But there was something about the film “Midway” that just captured my heart and soul. In essence, the movie is about what military families went through during World War II. How the men fought valiantly for the country while their families back in the States struck up the courage to wait for them, whether they’ll ever come back or not.

Coming from a military family, especially with my grandfather being a WW2 veteran, this movie was right up my alley. In fact, I was more interested in watching the movie instead of getting the cast’s autographs. At its red carpet premiere, I let my team take the lead in asking the stars to sign our movie posters. I mostly just sat there, enjoying the pomp and circumstances of it all, as I waited to watch the movie later on. But what really struck me was when I overheard the stars being interviewed about the film.

I was blown away with that they shared about the film. How they researched their roles. The impact of the story in their own lives. And so on and so forth. I instantly saw them in a new light. I suddenly had more respect for them for understanding what such a movie means to people and the effort they put into portraying their roles. All of them — Ed Skrein, Luke Evans, Nick Jonas, Mandy Moore, and so on — earned my admiration that night. Thank goodness my team did well in getting their autographs too!

If you’re a veteran or you come from a military family, “Midway” is worth your while! It’s an emotional epic about the heroes that made our country the greatest there ever was and will always be!

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